All Knightz Team Debut Their Exclusive Collection at London’s Biggest Comic Convention

Wayne Riley alongside 'Batman'

Wayne Riley alongside ‘Batman’

The team set out for the first event of the year at the London Super Comic Convention at the Excel centre, east London.  This is London’s premier comic convention which  took place over two days in February (23rd and 24th).  The full All knightz team was present to engage with thousands of comic book and cos-play fans; who came out to  enjoy their favourite comic collections and be entertained.

The turnout was much better than expected, despite poor UK weather. It was definitely a family affair, some adults clearly having more fun than their children as they were able to reminisce on the excitement they enjoyed in their younger days.  It was apparent that the majority of the young fans merely attended as their parents were committed comic fans.

comic fans

comic fans

The exhibit space was huge, approximately half the venue was filled with various exhibitors. Naturally, the biggest exhibits were taken by the major players of the comic world, namely Marvel/DC, Image Top Cow and IDW.  Undeterred and unfazed by the big guns the team  set about to establish themselves as the future of UK African centered comic book creators. Their exclusive collection of US and home-grown UK African centred characters brought a fresh element to the convention.

David Riley  at work


With the impending release of  All Knights  comics due for the summer; it was a great chance to  gain  insight into the promotion and sales of comics. The team are in full swing  into making the transition from avid comic fans to becoming creators and distributors of their own craft. It’s an exciting and busy period as we look forward to release of Hard Wired Rebel Alliance, by Wayne ‘hard wired’ Riley, Red Tempo by Darrius Cummings and Night Soul by Felisha Mason plus many more which are in the pipeline.

Sales were fast and steady throughout both days as they  had a broad range of comics from various artists. The classic monochrome print of Harlem Shadow, by Brian Mark Williams was hugely popular as both issues one and two sold out on the first day of the event.


Other comics sold on the day were;  Jaycen Wise and Indigo by Uraneus and Mshindo Kuumba; Mr Who by Rasheed Alawiye, Lucius Hammer, also by Brian M. Williams. Special guest of the day was the creator of  Captain Save a Hood;  Eric Clement. He showed true commitment to his work by flying from the USA to attend the convention. The team fully appreciated his efforts and  are keen to  develop strong ties with artists worldwide.


Overall, the event was a huge success, the All Knights team impressed many, and the team were pleasantly surprised with the reception they received from visitors. There is clearly a strong appetite for their quality work.

Checkout a small clip from the All Knightz You tube channel…

All Knightz Team fully loaded!!!

All Knightz Team fully loaded!!!



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