All Knightz Embark on Kickstarter Crowd Funding Campaign.


All Knightz are launching a fundraising drive to develop their flagship project on the Kickstarter crowd funding platform. Kickstarter is a huge online community that utilises crowd funding to support new and upcoming projects. Kickstarter has funded thousands of projects in the USA and has recently opened its doors to Europe.  Millions of people worldwide have pledged thousands  to different projects across various industries,  such as  film, fashion or dance. It’s an exciting means to explore and expose your creativity to a massive online audience.  Recently, a publishing project received £152,000, which is a whopping 600% of the initial request! The All Knightz are preparing to put their best foot forward into their first Kickstarter campaign as its an opportunity the team cannot afford to miss.


The campaign will be launched in October this year in order to fund a short 30 minute  animation of their soon to be released Hard Wired comic series. This special edition animated movie  has been created to promote  the upcoming ‘Hard Wired’ Rebel Alliance’ comic series.

Wayne Riley and Felisha Mason

Wayne Riley and Felisha Mason

This has been developed by lead writer David Riley and CEO Wayne Riley. The project is particularly ambitious as it’s the first animated  piece that the All Knightz will have produced.  The  movie features characters originally created by  artists Wayne Riley and Felisha Mason  such as Nathaniel Nuke, Kronotron, Isis and Thraxor.  Lead writer David Riley is confident that the project will open doors for the team as it is a new brand of comic that is unknown in Europe.


The team have been working steadfastly over the last few months in preparation for this; it is exciting for all to watch as it will be a huge boost in promoting the  ‘hard wired’  concept.

Check out this page for a sneak peak where we will be sharing character designs, behind the scenes video footage, conceptual artwork and music.


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