PATRA is a member of the Tactical Reconnaissance Air Division (T.R.A.D) group, led by General Hardcastle

patra 1

We are introduced to her in vol 1  of the Hardwired Last of the Greats  animated series.  Patra is an intense woman, a bit of a  loose canon as she has her own axe to grind. This naturally gives rise to tensions within her team and has disastrous consequences on her teams’ mission.

This character was created by All Knightz writer  David Riley and designed by Felisha Mason. Felisha is currently producing her own comic called Night Soul,  which is set to be debut in 2014. She has created a multitude of various characters for people of all ages. We are look forward to seeing more of Felisha’s work in the near  future.

leasha's world

Subscribe and check out her Youtube videos here


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