ShakaRa Speaks On It: BLACK BEAUTY ON THE BIG SCREEN; The Spectre of Black Women in Hollywood

One of the best post i’ve read recently!


Following her stunning performance in the now much talked about and celebrated film ’12 Years A Slave’ (2013), Lupita Nyong’o has fast become the new Hollywood ‘It Girl’. Her image has been the central feature of countless red carpets and magazine covers, all of which have flooded social media in an apparent celebration of her style, grace and the uniqueness with which she pulls off her left field fashion choices.

The sub-text for all of this comes with a hint of being thankful that finally Hollywood is shining a light on a dark-skinned, natural haired Black woman with distinctly Afrikan features. Given that historically Hollywood has been a notorious tool in the degradation the Afrikan aesthetic, such a sentiment is one that begs critique on the portrayal of Black Beauty and whether we are indeed making progress.


Somewhere in the 90’s, Halle Berry became the epitome of Black Beauty in…

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