FINALLY!! Our first comic arrived, hot off the press somewhere in leafy(ish) south London. ‘Hardwired issue 1 finally hit the hands of hundreds of people who came to be entertained and enthralled at the prestigious London Super Comic Con 2014 at Excel. The atmosphere was electric, the team were hyped and ready to release the mental the assault of the sharp electrifying graphics, carefully crafted words onto the the world en mass; (well everyone at Excel that weekend anyway)

lscc supercouple

lscc space trouper

We had a lot of fun at the convention, with our team comprising of four writers, five artists, two photographers, a social media manager and one blogger and a couple of voice actors; there was no room for boredom at the All Knightz display stand. Amongst of mass of hundreds of other comic writers, producers, artists, performers and Cos Players it was truly an amazing view.



All Knightz manned the standfor the full two days showcasing our first ever comic title ‘Hardwired‘.

It’s 2089AD in Africa; the world is in chaos and we are thrown in head first into the world of the intergalatic defence magnate Siege. Seige is a bold, business mastermind. The debut issue, literally puts us in a world under Seige.

PAGE 12 sneak peak

PAGE 12 sneak peak

It was absolutely amazing speaking to hundreds of visitors about the story and our own story, a truly defining moment for the team. We networked with so many others. There are so many others who are  also working hard; designing, writing, creating their own stories and artwork. However, this much awaited weekend was about the hard work and dedication of the All Knightz team. Issue 1 is ready and we are proud of our work.

lscc spidey and superman

We hope you enjoy it, we have enjoyed making it and there is plenty more to come over the year. As we slowly move into spring 2014; prime time for new beginnings and that includes us.

lscc apes

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…. don’t tell anyone but we will have a small gift in the pipeline for all our loyal supporters which you will all be privy to very soon.

Hardwired Issue 1 (YAY!!) will be released to the general public in late April 2014 priced at £3.99 plus postage and packaging available from a our website

Now, if you missed comic con and want to see what we got up to, have look at this! enjoy! ;).

lscc darius

lscc couple

lscc felisha n agness

lscc team

lscc buyers

lscc agnes 2

lscc the question

lscc spiderman

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lscc group pic


all knighz new logo

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