Back before The Allknightz were The Allknightz, we had tremendously high aspirations. The words “world domination” would have been selling us short. We looked at other entertainment companies and decided that we could do just as good, if not better than many of what we thought were our competitors. What a difference three years makes.

In that time we learned that the workload required to bring this to fruition would need a humungous effort by everyone on our team. Fortunately we had assembled the right individuals that would join in making the beginnings of this dream a reality.

Led by graphic designer and all go no quit entrepreneur Wayne Riley, we set about building our world, correction, our universe.

You’ve not seen drama like this before, and I certainly don’t mean on the pages. We’ve argued and fought, never quite coming to fisticuffs, though if we had been augmented, or Hard Wired, if you will, I imagine we would have had opportunity to see what those new appendages could do.



David gets the upper hand over Wayne this time. Or does he?

But through all the raised voices and sleepless knightz we all remain close friends. We’re actually more like a family but that works brilliantly for us because we know we can rely on each other.

And rely on each other we did.


Did you get your copy of Hard Wired: Revolution yet?

Back in April Hard Wired: Revolution launched to some pretty awesome fanfare. We thought we’d have enough stock to cover public interest, but that public interest was greatly unexpected. Having sold out at numerous events (And I do mean numerous, you people clearly have good taste) we had to resupply “Sounds like one of those good problems”- Marlo Stanfield, The Wire. So resupply we did, and still issue one continues to sell at an alarming pace.

Now is as good a time as any to thank everyone that not just supported and believed in our hard work, but those of you that truly enjoyed the introduction to our story too. So thank you.

To the couple of you that haven’t yet been caught by the Hard Wired bug, what are you waiting for? Come and get Hard Wired already.



The cover art for issue 2

So, back to the guys lucky enough to be in possession of what will one day be a very rare, very valuable issue one, did you leave it in the packaging for safe keeping or did you read it? Did you enjoy it? How frustrating was that cliff-hanger ending? (Big cheesy grin) Well we have some good news for you. Issue two is right around the corner. We’re into July now, which means we are in the scheduled month of release, and we are currently on track to hit that deadline, you lucky lucky people, but before that we have more awesome news…




… From Friday July 11th to Sunday July 13th The Allknightz will be at the London Film and Comic Convention at Earls Court. We’ll be rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest companies in the industry and you can be there to join us. There’ll be films, and comics, cosplay (That’s “Costume Play” to the uninitiated) and much much more. Come on down and have what is sure to be a fantastic time. You’ll also get to meet Wayne Riley, Felisha Mason, Darius Cummings, Jason Simuyuni, and David Riley the team that has put together what is fast becoming your favourite comic. Yes it’s big headed to say it but if you thought Issue one was impressive, wait until you see what we have in store for you in issue two.

Head over to for some of the other events the Allknightz will be attending for the rest of this year, and check out what else the team are up to.

Hope to see you at Earl’s Court this weekend.

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